• T.F. Urushadze
  • Winfried E.H. Blum
  • J.Sh. Machavariani
  • T.O. Kvrivishvili
  • R.D. Pirtskhalava


The paper deals with the main features of main soils of Georgia (Red, Yellow, Bog, Yellow Podzolic, Yellow Podzolic Gley, Yellow Brown Forest, Brown Forest, Brown Forest Black, Raw Carbonate, Grey Cinnamonic, Meadow Grey Cinnamonic, Cinnamonic, Meadow Cinnamonic, Black, Chernozems, Mountain Forest Meadow,  Mountain Meadow, Mountain Meadow Cherrnozems, Saline,  Alluvial), their distribution, areas, history of investigation, ecology – parent rocks, relief, climate, vegetation –, morphology, basic genetic signs – pH, Humus, Nitrogen, exchange cations, texture, bulk chemical composition, different iron forms, classifi cation, the use and improvement approaches. The work generalizes the approaches of many years’ research and practice and devises the ways of their optimal use.


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