Role of the Orthodox Church in Georgia’s European Integration Process


  • Kristine Margvelashvili


European integration, Georgian Orthodox Church, Symphonia, Church-State Relations,


There is a dominant discourse in the Georgian society that Christianity makes Georgians European, although from the World Value Survey(1981-2015) by Inglehart &Weltzel, we see that it distancesthem from Europe. Political elites and representatives of GOC build their narratives on Georgia's belonging to the European-Christian family, thus it is interesting to reveal whether the church and the state overlap in their approaches to European integration and how it affects the foreign policyof the country. This paper explores the role of Georgian Orthodox Church in the ongoinginternal political affairs in Georgia, emphasizing a particular importance on influence of Georgian Orthodox Church on the process ofEuropean integration. The qualitative study results will be used in order to find out the role of Orthodox Church inGeorgia’s political discourse.


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