DCF- current Magnetic Effect in the Focal Area of the Magnetosphere and the Gratton Model Modification in a Compressible Medium


  • Marina Chkhitunidze


Solar wind, magnetosphere, magnetosheath, critical point, stagnation zone.


The article considers possibility of change inDCF- surface current contour curvature caused by quasi-periodic oscillation of the magnetosphere boundary in the focal area of the magnetosheath. It is supposed that magnetic effect (dynamo-effect) of the periodic change of the focal segment curvature of the DCF-current contour stabilizes the stability of the meridional magnetopause in perturbed solar wind conditions. The article deals with comparative analysis of kinematic models of Parker and Gratton that is very important for solving the problem of modeling MHD image that is asymmetric to the MHD flow around the magnetosphere. It considers the meridional magnetopause and puts forward arguments in favour of using the modified Gratton kinematic model in case of compressible, magneticallyviscous plasma medium.


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