General Relativity Theory and Earthquakes


  • Bakhram Nurtaev


significant earthquakes, general relativity, solar irradiance, earth rotation, aa-indices.


Earthquakes are caused by movements within the Earth’s crust and uppermost mantle. Earthquakes epicenters occur mostly along tectonic plate boundaries. Solar energy drives the major processes that happen at the earth's surface, like the water cycle, wind, ocean currents, weathering, erosion, sediments transports and growth of plants. This huge mass transfer in combination with earth’s rotation and gravitational effect disturbs the equilibrium of continental plates.

In this paper, we propose a statistical approach to compute the influence of solar energy on earthquakes. Also we estimate the relationship of aa- geomagnetic indices from solar energy.

The results show that increase of solar activity leads to the growth of number of earthquake events. Finally, we discuss how general relativity theory interacts as a complex system with earthquakes.


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