Radon Distribution on the Territory of West Georgia


  • George I. Melikadze
  • Nino A. Kapanadze
  • Aleksander Sh. Chankvetadze
  • Ketevan V. Kotetishvili
  • Lika T. Chelidze
  • Irma S. Giorgadze


Rn mapping, out-door radon


Quantitative assessment of radon distribution in West Georgia has been carried out. According to field data in more than 100 water and soil samples there is high content of radon.


Amiranashvili A., Chelidze T., Melikadze G, Trekov I., Todadze M.“Quantification of the radon distribution in various geographical areas of West Georgia”, Journal of Georgian Geophysical Association, №12, 2008. http://openjournals.gela.org.ge/index.php/GGS/article/view/652

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Amiranashvili A., Chelidze T., Melikadze G, Trekov I., Todadze M., Chankvetadze A., Chelidze L. “ Preliminary results of the analysis of radon content in the soil and water in different regions of west Georgia”, Institute of Geophysics ISSN 1512-1135, vol. 60, Tbilisi, 2008, pp. 213 – 218 (in Russian).




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