Vertical Electrical Sounding and Georadiolocation to Assess Groundwater Level During Orchard Cultivation


  • Davit T. Odilavadze
  • Nodar D. Varamashvili


Vertical electrical sounding (VES), georadar, groundwater


Too high a level of groundwater, especially stagnant, is detrimental to all species of fruit trees and many berries. An excess of soil moisture worsens air exchange processes in the soil, the oxygen content decreases in it, which inevitably leads to death in the zone of the root system. As a result, the nutritional regime of fruit trees deteriorates, over time, their growth processes stop. Geophysical prospecting methods are very effective in determining the levels and thicknesses of groundwater layers. The article presents the work of the search for groundwater carried out in the Kakheti region (Sagarejo district). The methods of vertical electrical sounding and ground penetrating radar were used. Together, these two methods yielded reliable results at different search depths, which was additionally confirmed during the drilling process.


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