The Possibility of Electroprospecting Methods in the Assessment of Subsurface Humidity and Groundwater Flow in a Landslide Area

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Nodar D. Varamashvili
Jemal K. Kiria
Avtandil G. Tarkhan-Mouravi
Nugzar Ya. Ghlonti


Electrical prospecting is a branch of geophysical methods that studies electromagnetic fields of various nature. The purpose of electroprospecting is to determine the electromagnetic characteristics of the geological environment (resistance, conductivity, polarization, etc.), from which we can draw conclusions about the structure of the studied area. Electrical study can be divided into two groups: passive and active methods. The first of them is called natural electric field methods, and the second - artificial electric field methods. The materials presented in our paper were obtained by the method of resistance (vertical electric sensing) and the method of natural electric field. The article presents a study of rock humidity and the possible existence of underground water flows.

: Electroprospecting, vertical electrical sounding (VES), natural electrical field
Published: Oct 4, 2022

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Varamashvili, N. D. ., K. Kiria, J. ., Tarkhan-Mouravi, A. G. ., & Ghlonti, N. Y. . (2022). The Possibility of Electroprospecting Methods in the Assessment of Subsurface Humidity and Groundwater Flow in a Landslide Area. Journals of Georgian Geophysical Society, 25(No.1).


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