On Neolithic House Development

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Archil Chogoshvili


The article discusses the conditions of the development of a permanent indigenous house in South Caucasus. It expresses the opinion about annual stock of meat as a result of gaining a large amount of game due to slow motion during migration of ungulates through the narrow gorges of the Caucasus, which prompted local hunters to build permanent houses to protect good hunting places against competing groups of other hunters.

It discusses the alleged contribution of the same hunter-gatherers in the development of nomadic cattle breeding, as well as to building fishing canals in lower regions of Euphrates and Tigris rivers resulting in development of irrigation systems and agriculture.

To show the kinship and homogeneity of the population of the mountainous region of the source of Tigris and Euphrates and the lower regions of the same rivers, the argument is existence of the phenomenon of trade routes of obsidian throughout the territory from Mesolithic period and genetic data, like DNA of the haplogroup,
in Neolithic period, as well as in modern population.

The next publication will discuss and present linguistic arguments




Published: Dec 20, 2019

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