New York, „The New Queen of the Art Scene“

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Ketevan Shavgulidze
Mzia Chikhradze


The article is an attempt to review present art market and contemporary art processes in globalized and regionalized world. This is the analysis of political or social occurrences, which greatly defined the art and art scene in New York. New York is considered the leader of contemporary art market and the center of the world art. Accordingly, the survey of the significant art institutions in New York (museums, art galleries) determining the vector of development of contemporary art and its character was done. Namely, New York obtains the status of the cultural capital of the world art at the beginning of the 21st century. The main doctrine of American art is the idea of pluralism, where one can find the combination of geometrical and lyrical abstraction, hyperrealism, photorealism, minimalism, neo pop art, monochrome painting, neo expressionism, intermedia, assemblage, digital painting, graphite, performance, installation and so on.

Georgian artists, living and working on American art scene for years, are involved in the above-mentioned processes. Multicolored  kaleidoscope of their art intrinsically merges with the complex landscape of American art. It interferes with a space where painting, sculpture, photography, installation, cinema, video, performance, internet art and works of no definite category coexist. The variety of the issues of their art concurs with the themes of contemporary American or other artists who live and work there. Their art includes the topics of feminism and gender, fluid identities, displaced people and exile, cultural past and place, hidden personal duality, covered subconscious, relationship of a person and nature, the issues of sexual and national minorities, political, social problems, etc. The forms of visualization of the above topics are plural as well; here replica, comment, notation, metaphor, reproduction, multilayer text, mixture of a true and invented, past and present, illusive and real destroys the limits of perception and creates the field of labile identification, where nothing is exact and the space is open for subjective reading.

Published: Dec 20, 2019

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