Some Aspects of the Latest Challenges of Contemporary Theater in Terms of Technical Progress

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Lasha Chkhartishvili


On 26th century of the formation and development of professional theatre, theatrical arts were constantly in the face of challenges, the centuries- long path of development is full of contradictions, and their overcoming was main task and mission for the theatre. With the challenges and contradictions, critical period as well, mostly, theatre developed self – preservation and a reflex of renewal.

For a long time, skeptical minds were constantly heard about theatre, that theatre as art and institution loses its actuality and scale of its importance. However, the theatre has always managed not only to survive, also effectively responded to new challenges.

The true and original theatre has always been born in extreme situation, and the real theatre was created after getting into the dead end. XX-XXI centuries were especially turning point for the theatre, when cinematography, television and internet appeared. The theatre began to use its competitors effectively and the technical advances of world civilization have been used eff ectively as its advantage. As a result, theatre started developing and progressing, expanded its opportunities and become more diverse. Collaboration of technical progress and theatre didn’t lose the main character in the theatrical art, it became more interesting, attractive and lovable. Performing arts as the main means of view, is still dominant in the theatre, various products of technical progress, spiritless object, became the actor’s partner on the stage. Next to the actor appeared multimedia (since 20s in the XX century) as actor’s partner. This challenge, which has become a proven method of theatrical art, has taken a signifi cant place in modern theatre.

A new type of theatre was born by the explosion of technical progress, which is called “hybrid theatre” in the west. In the world of digital technologies, the actor had many challenges, there disappeared multimedia as a new partner on the stage, which is a strong competitor.

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Published: Dec 20, 2021

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