Challenges of the 21st Century in the Art Of Theater

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Tamar Tsagareli


From its very beginning, it becomes obvious that the XXI century, with its purposes and scopes, will be the
century of the most dynamic developments. This will be the century of unprecedentedly fast scientifi c and technological developments, with a new form of communication between people, communities, states and civilizations. The changes are so strong, even “aggressive” that confusion is apparent. Having no time to analyze the features of the current phase properly, we face completely new challenges.

In the modern world, almost everyday changes in many spheres of human activities as well as in the spheres of culture and art, keep graduates to be in the mode of permanent trainings. You may well know that it is not easy, sometimes professional skills of fi lmmakers, actors, script writers and all other theatre
professionals need quite important conceptual updates. This was always important, but the emergence of new challenges today is much higher then it was previously.

The contemporary paradigm of higher education in art aims to prepare professionals capable to adapt easily to rapidly changing conditions in the labor market.

Nowadays, the Georgian educational system is focused on being fully integrated into the world educational space. This process has a lot of positive results as well as diffi culties. The trend of unifi cation of educational systems and training programs
is more and more clearly demonstrated, in various strands of higher education everything and everyone is moved to one standard, all this keeps an important threat to higher art schools. In comparison with other specialties, art education is extremely specifi c and its educational standards need to be signifi cantly different. As far as I am concerned, this issue is problematic for the theatrical institutions involved in the Bologna process, not only for our region’s theaters and film schools.

The complexity of the theatre professions teaching lays in its long-lasting, in some cases even centuries-old accumulated traditions, methodology, form and style.



Theater Modernity Society
Published: Dec 20, 2021

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