“Corn Island” on the “Slow Landscape” of Modern Cinema

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Theo Khatiashvili


1. “Slow Cinema” - one of the main tendention of the 21st Century’s Art-Cinema - is a part of a broader subcultural slow-movement, against fastness, automatism and mechanicism of consumer society. Stylistic description of “Slow Cinema” is: poetic, contemplative, quiet, spiritual, ascetic, austere, muted, boring and even comatose. But the key concept of this cinema is to capture reality in real-time, online mode.

2. According by Gilles Deleuze time-image refers to capture movement in duration. In this case movement is already not the category of space but of time. Nadin Mai argues that perception of time as a continuity is linked to Eastern culture and philosophy and it isn’t new – 21th century’s concept.

3. André Bazin’s theory of fi lm is based on the idea of objective reality and everyday life refl ected with long take. According Bazin neorealism plays a special role to form a new cinema in which the story and its dramatic development are no longer dominant while daily life occupies a important part of the film narrative.

4. Giorgi Ovashvili’s fi lm “Corn Island” (2014) is example of “Slow” in Georgian Cinema. Director embodied routine of main characters slowly and thoroughly detailed. Grandpa and granddaughter seem to live not only out of the civilized world, but also beyond time, where only sunrise and sunset tell about passing of time.

Slow Cinema Concept of Time in Cinema André Bazin “Stream of Life” Giorgi Ovashvili Corn Island
Published: Dec 20, 2021

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