Choreology as a Field of Interdisciplinary Research (Choreography and Natural Sciences)

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Luba Natchkebia


1. The synthesis of choreography involves connection not only with the art, but also humanitarian, social sciences, and natural sciences. One interesting example of the coexistence of art and science is the connection between choreography / choreology and the natural sciences such as mathematics, physics, medicine, and biology.

2. Dance and Mathematics. Mathematics, as the source of all science, manifests itself quite naturally in the art of choreography. The system Of Choreographycal Glasses is based on Simple Algebra . Musical Note - Note Duration (Fractions), the size of the musical tact, the musical phrase and the sentence are the countable sections , that make
up the metro-rhythmic structure of the dance. Elementary geometry signs can be found in the outline of the dancer’s limbs, as well as in dance movements and dance structure.

3. Dance and Physics. Almost all of Newton’s laws of motion can be considered the laws of “dancing physics.” Physics and dance, factors based on space and time, we can find compatibility in physical phenomena such as mechanics, statics, dynamics, attractiveness, and so on.

4. Dance and Medicine. Two directions of medicine - traditional and folk medicine, in relation to choreography, are an accompanying (traumatology) factor in the professional life of a dancer. In addition, since ancient times, folk dances have a long tradition of performing rituals and dances. Art therapy is one of the most proven methods of treatment today,
where an important place belongs to “dance therapy”.

5. Dance and Biology. Biology, as an adjacent fi eld of medicine, connects to dance with two main directions: anatomy examines the physiological structure of the dancer’s body; And, the fi eld of neurobiology includes the study of the impact of dance on the human nervous system. An example
of the intersection of dance and zoology is the dance of animal marriage.

Published: Dec 20, 2021

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