Art and Digital Technologies as Tools of Communication with Audience in the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Era

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Nana Dolidze


No news In Culture’s already announced Crisis chronicles. But, Is the crisis A new challenge, opportunity, when digital technologies play the role of social therapy?

Physical Art scenes represented virtually, Product made in digital world – moving from physical to virtual, with its own public (readers, listeners, spectators, etc. uniting with authors).

Marshall McLuhan’s quote “We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” About digital revolution has never been so relatable as It is today, when in physical communication we’ve got bizarre rules about
social distancing, whilst the whole world is getting closer with social media.

Digital infrastructure, Intellectual Technologies – How will they influence post-pandemic Culture and Art?

Is it possible or not, to continue making Art Digitally, when on the one hand it resists traditional Art culture, but on the other hand it’s the only way for development and keeping it alive?

The most dangerous for human race appears to be another man, Everything has changed in communication, now we have to adopt new social skills, where we learn to talk and listen to each other, in a diff erent world.

Social media is no more an element of our environment, It has become our new natural habitat, where we live and socialize.

If in XX century Television was a weapon for broadcasting other fi elds of activities and only some time later making its own original product, will media become the way of a new expression of Arts? Or the impulse for the transformation of Culture? Everything had started long before Covid-19 appeared and before 7 billion of us formed the biggest audience.

Published: Dec 20, 2021

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