The Role of Branded Movies in Marketing Communications

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Thea Skhiereli


Brand content as an essential communication tool: importance of the signature brand content to represent brand value;

• Brand content vs content marketing, traditional advertising and PR: functions, advantages, characteristics and perspective;
• Brand content communication channels: traditional mass media, new media, corporate media;
• Brand content formats: text, audio-visual (video, film, podcast), interactive (video games, fl ash mobs);
• Brand content and art/creativity: signature content created by famous artists;
• The most successful brand content examples:

REDBULL MEDIA (print, TV) gives its brand unlimited
opportunities to go beyond the standard marketing of an energy drink by creating high-quality television, film and print products;
THE LEGO MOVIE - How the 2014 movie transformed
Lego from a traditional favorite entertainment into the bestselling
toy in the world.

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Published: Dec 20, 2021

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