The Issues of Inter Relation of Rachian Dance Dialect

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Khatuna Dmachidze


Inter relation of Rachian dance dialect was spread in nonlinen, star disposition. Lower, upper and mountainous Racha located in mountainous part of the Western Georgia is revealing the dialect inter relation with the regions of the western part of Georgia, as well as the mountainous and plain part of the Eastern Georgia as well.

From the regions of the Western Georgia, Rachian dance folklore was too much related with Svaneti, especially in part of dance and round dance. Svanetian dance folklore is related by round dance and dance lexica, where it can be said, that movements, motions, positions of arms are differed only by combination of modes. Thematic and content similarity of round dances is quite frequent.

It’s related by Eastern round dance with adjusting Imereti from the Western Regions.

There are too much samples having lots of dance lexica in Eastern Georgia. It’s worthwhile to notice, that the part of round dances is maintained in Racha and has obtained the structure characteristic for the location of the ancient archetypes.

In dancing part, as it was revealed, too much is related with Eastern Mountain, which is confirmed by similarity of dance movement, and motions.

Published: Apr 20, 2017

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University PHD Prorgam