Vol. 14 (2020): XIV International Symposium Contemporary Issues of Literary Studies : The Silk Road Countries` Folklore
History and Collective Memory

On Genesis of Name Amiran

Gocha Kuchukhidze
Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature

Published 2020-10-20


  • Georgian Mythology,
  • Etymology of Amiran


This report contains the opinion, according to which, genesis of the Georgian folklore character’s name Amiran was associated with the ancient Iranian world and that it sounded as “āhur ī mihrān” (“Spirit /God/ of Suns”) or as “mihr ī mihrān (“Sun of Suns”), we think, in people there was spread the form “Imihran” and further it transformed into “Amihran”

It is not impossible that this character is of Georgian or Kartvelian genesis, if name Amiran originates from “āhur ī mihrān”, it is not excluded that the name of this character was similar to such names as “Sultamze” (Sun of the Spirits), “Sulkalmakhi” (exact meaning is not determined, Georgian word “Sul” /“სულ”, “სული”/ means Spirit).