Vol. 14 (2020): XIV International Symposium Contemporary Issues of Literary Studies : The Silk Road Countries` Folklore
Contemporary Mythology and Literary Fairy-tales

Shio Aragvispireli as the Author of a Literary Fairy Tale

Nestan Kutivadze
Akaki Tsereteli State University

Published 2020-10-20


  • Fantastic Etude,
  • Artistic Function,
  • Literary Fairy-Tale,
  • Foklore


From the 1870s onwards folklore activities, translation and publication of recorded folklore materials as well as foreign literary tales (Goethe, Andersen, Brothers Grimm ...) became quite intense in Georgia. Along with that from the end of the 19th century, the Georgian literary fairy tale begins to develop with Akaki Tsereteli and Vazha-Pshavela being at the forefront. Numerous prominent authors of the boundary of the two centuries, including Shio Aragvispireli, are involved in the creation of the texts (different variations) of this genre. Aragvispireli’s literary tale is heterogeneous in its stylistic structural terms. As for the content, the author’s works are full of artistically described social realities, philosophicalpsychological or mythological-folklore layers characteristic of his entire creative work.