Vol. 14 (2020): XIV International Symposium Contemporary Issues of Literary Studies : The Silk Road Countries` Folklore
Folklore and its Adjoining Scientific Disciplines

Healing Magic and a Viral Infection: Measles in the Context of Georgian Folk Traditions: (Based on the ethnographic and folklore materials)

Irine Modebadze
Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature
Nino Ghambashidze
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
Tamar Tsitsishvili
V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire

Published 2020-10-20


  • Healing Magic,
  • Folk Medicine,
  • Measles,
  • Georgian Folk Traditions and Rituals


Mankind has been trying to protect itself from deadly diseases since ancient times. Two directions of treatment have been formed: rationalempirical and irrational-magical. They were closely intertwined, and each action of the healer acquired magical significance.

The article discussesthe traditionalrituals ofGeorgianhealing magic for treating measles. The analysis is based on folklore and ethnographic material. Comparing the traditions of Georgian folk medicine with the general cultural context of the Great Silk Road allows us to discuss similarities/differences.