Vol. 13 No. 2 (2019): XIII International Symposium Contemporary Issues of Literary Studies : Political Events of 1980-1990s and Literary Discourse
Actualization of Acute Literary Topics in Semiotic Space – Movie/Theater /...

Abuladze’s „Repentance“ (Monanieba) and Perestroika

Irina Bagrationi-Mukhraneli
St. Tikhon Ortodox University

Published 2019-12-20


  • Myth,
  • Georgian History,
  • Tragedy,
  • Allusion,
  • Foklore,
  • Glasnost,
  • Religiosity,
  • Moral Norms,
  • The Best Film of the 1988
  • ...More


Abuladze’s film “Repentance”(Monanieba) was shot in 1984 year in Soviet times. After lying on the shelf for three years, It went to the rental in the 1987 year during the publicity (glasnost’) period and received in the Soviet Union 6 film awards “Nika” in various categories, the title “beat film” (1988), the Grand Prix of the Cannes film festival.

The film restored moral norms, primarily Christian ones. The need for them is deeply overdue in the last period of Soviet Union and “Repentance” was perceived as a work of modern time, almost as a symbol of Perestroika.

Abuladze’s film remained a unique example of human and artistic renewal, purification from Soviet filth.