Vol. 13 No. 2 (2019): XIII International Symposium Contemporary Issues of Literary Studies : Political Events of 1980-1990s and Literary Discourse
Actualization of Acute Literary Topics in Semiotic Space – Movie/Theater /...

Token Space Collage with the Image of the Fish Avto Varazi

Iraida Krotenko
Akaki Tsereteli State University

Published 2019-12-20


  • Collage,
  • Avto Varazi,
  • Semiology


Avto Varazi had been creating collages with the image of the fish for a long time. These collages formed a series in which he put religious meaning by placing the stuffed fish in the space of the collage. At the same time fish was the main component of the polysemantic unity, which still remains a phenomenon for the researchers. As well as animal-reflecting collages, this series is characterized by technical means, meta-language and the structural peculiarities. Each element has a specific meaning. The subject of scientific interest of this paper is the structural-semantic analysis of the “Fish” collages, defining the aforementioned series as a signature component of the integrity and artistic system.