The Relationship Between Legal Instructions and Factual Circumstances in a Jury Trial

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Ella Kusiani


The jury trial, which has a long history of existence, has not lost its relevance to this day and is given much attention both in Georgia and in many other countries. Although this institution originated in the common law of England, today it operates in various forms in many countries of the world, both common and continental law. The Institute of Jurors has evolved over the years to refine it as a form of administration of justice, to meet modern requirements, and to be an effective mechanism for ensuring a fair trial in today's reality. In this article, I will try to analyze how difficult it is for a jury to properly understand the judge's instructions, as well as the evidence presented by the parties during the trial, and ultimately what is the deciding factor in reaching a verdict for a jury. Whether jurors understand the evidence and how well they act within the framework
of the instructions given by the judge – access to these problems actually gives us an opportunity to form an idea of the essence and purpose of the Institute of Jurors. In this article will be reviewed foreign literature, American studies on the above-mentioned issues, as well as ell as an analysis of the experience accumulated so far in Georgia.

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Published: Dec 20, 2020

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