The Criteria for an Effectiveness of an Organization’s Anti-crisis Strategic Management In the Fight Against Covid-19 on an Example of `new Higher Education Institute~ Ltd


  • Asmat Shamugia New Higher Education Institute
  • Ketevan Kvitsaridze New Higher Education Institute


Anti-Crisis, Strategic, Management, Organization


The challenges of 21st century force us to be always in shape, to perceive and control the rapidly changing environment, and to respond appropriately to the processes taking place in it.

In the modern world, in the open and global information space, where there is a constant and varied exchange of thoughts and ideas, where there are no restrictions and critical content is quite common, all types of organizations are vulnerable to negative information, of course, their reputation and business image.

An aim of the present research is to analyze the criteria for an effectiveness of the company’s anti-crisis strategic management on the modern stage and to fi nd ways to further develop it. Theoretical and methodological background of the research includes related works of famous scientists both national and international, articles, normative statements, annual publications, Internet resources, which contain analysis and evaluation of practical experience in developed and post-Soviet countries.

An article offers the stages of an organization’s anti-crisis management process.

This paper outlines the risk management functions, there is found the positive and negative aspects of the company’s anti-crisis strategic management on the modern stage; Also, as a conclusion, have been formed efficiency criteria to improve an above-mentioned process in the long run.

An object of research is the criteria for an effectiveness of an anti-crisis strategic management of `New Higher Education Institute~ Ltd. Accordingly, as a practical example, there is presented the social responsibility of this innovative, authorized Higher Education Institute in the fi ght against with Covid-19.






COVID-19 - Economic, Legal and Political Challanges