To What Extent the State Protected Democracy and Awareness in the Kvemo Kartli Region During The Spread of the Covid Virus


  • Irine Benia Tbilisi Humanitarian University


Internal and External Migration, Demographic Situation, Ethnic Minorities, Migrants, Economically Active Population, Subsistence Benefit, Water Resources, Algeti National Park, Government and Civil Society, Civil Sector and Media, Free Trade Negotiations


The main reason why I tried to fi nd out whether state protected or not democracy and awareness in Kvemo Kartli region is that it was clear that the state couldn’t defend it. I will discuss the weaknesses that we do have in this region: high rates of structural unemployment and poverty and lack of an effective social security system, low level of integration of ethnic minorities what was the main reason during Covid-19 pandemic situations tension, weak civil society and regional media, low level of professional education and qualification of the workforce, lack of knowledge of the state language by members of ethnic minorities and their weak integration into public and political life, insuffi cient number and inadequate infrastructure of hospitals and hospital beds, inadequate qualifi cations of medical staff, weak equipment of ambulance crews, limited access to comprehensive medical services and medicines for the majority of the population, unsatisfactory condition of public transport infrastructure.






COVID-19 - Economic, Legal and Political Challanges