Legal Problems and Perspectives of Modern International Civil Aviation Against the Background of Covid-19 Pandemic


  • David Geperidze Gori State University


International Civil Aviation, Pandemic, Covid-19, ICAO, IATA, International Legal Regulations, Airlines, Airports


The main purpose of the study is to make factual and legal analysis of the situation in modern international civil aviation against the background of the Covid 19 pandemic in the world. In particular, a signifi cant part of the work deals with the legal assessment of the pandemic in Georgia and international civil aviation and shows the main differences that are related to some aspects of European law on the one hand, and the international legal framework on the other hand. The article focuses on a detailed analysis of why there are no specifi c legal regulations related to Covid 19 in the fi eld of air transport till now, as well as on the ungrounded lack of the regulations in terms of international legal and economic political vacuum. The concluding part of the paper discusses what the modern international community should do in the future to address the various principles of international law in terms of legal regulation of this problem.





COVID-19 - Economic, Legal and Political Challanges