The Visegrad Countries Face the Challenges of The Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Tea Amniashvili Georgian-American University


Visegrad Countries, Pandemic, Action Plan, Financial Assistance, Political Situation


The article highlights the measures taken by the Visegrad countries during the pandemics. To overcome the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, the Visegrad countries decided to adopt both individual and joint action plans and work closely with them to address the problems. EU fi nancial assistance packages, as well as negotiations on a multiannual fi nancial framework (MFF), came to the forefront of Visegrad members’ European policies during the pandemic. As for the domestic po litical situation in the Visegrad countries, signifi cant changes were less noticeable after the fi rst wave, and the ratings of the ruling parties were almost maintained. Differences of opinion in the Visegrad group on fundamental issues were also evident during the second wave of the pandemic.





COVID-19 - Economic, Legal and Political Challanges