What Is the Business Life Like in the Standing Of Covid-19 and What Will the Business Be Like Tomorrow?


  • Nino Maziashvili New Higher Education Institute


Pandemic Business Environment, Post-Crisis Stages, Fiscal and Financial Policy, Tax Protection


The aim of the article is to analyze the problems faced by businesses in the pandemic period. Covid-19 has fundamentally transformed the role of the business and the methods of doing it. Today, in the current standing of pandemic, we see a sharp impact of technology on the society and the business agenda, which is a prerequisite for some important aspects of doing business to change forever, and it is most probably unlikely that is might return to the pre-crisis status quo. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced small and medium-sized audit firms to rethink and reconsider the principles of working with clients changing the way they would operate in the future.

How can a business avoid mass layoffs and stand side by side with employees while protecting the future of the company? How to maintain revenue in the face of the reduced customer demand? In the fi rst place, the organizations that deal with the crisis effectively will return to the market with a stronger reputation and stronger relationships after its transition. Second, training remains the most important link in navigating a crisis with an unshakable reputation.





COVID-19 - Economic, Legal and Political Challanges