The Role of Georgian Natural-recreational Resources Under the Condition of Coronavirus Spread

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Otar Paresishvili
Laura Kvaratskhelia
Davit Gamezardashvili
Valentina Mirzaevi


In 2020, human life underwent important changes as a result of the world-wide spread of a new coronavirus disease  COVID-19 pandemic: life regulations were cardinally transformed, economy was considerably harmed, and what is principal is that millions of people came down with this rather serious and not yet completely studied disease. This is virus-killer, nobody knows how long coronavirus lives, and as medical scientists assume, it leaves complications in different organs and systems for the rest of people’s life and particularly hurts immunity. Under diffi cult conditions, methods to solve COVID-19-related problem have been elaborated throughout the world. The article is the fi rst attempt to examine the problem of effi cient using of n atural-recreational resources aimed at quick recovery of people’s health in the context of responding to the global challenge  COVID-19 pandemic and taking into consideration various complications.

The world for the fi rst time has faced a new coronavirus infection and naturally the primary focus has been given to the issues of medicinal treatment of patients with acute form of the disease. The topic of this article has not yet been studied, it is neither elucidated in scientific literature nor presented as a subject of wideranging discussions Accordingly, one cannot analyze either analogous studies or publications. Based on the above, the primary purpose of the article is to draw specialists’ attention to the problems under consideration and to share experience in this sphere.

Pandemic Chronic Diseases Natural-Recreational Resources Therapeutic and Help-Improving Tourism
Published: Oct 20, 2020

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