Population of Village Tezi in Early Ninetenth Century

(1804 წლის პირველი რუსული კამერალური აღწერის მიხედვით)


  • Davit Akhlouri


Saeristavo of Ksani, Cameral Description, Population, Household, The Church, Landowner Treasury Tax


Village of Tezi is in the Kaspi municipality, which was a village on the southwestern border of historic Ksani Saeristavo, which had been invaded by the Amilakhvars. Therefore, in the first Russian census of 1804, it is recorded along with the villages of Ksani Saeristavo.

At the beginning of the article we will talk about the expansion Eristavi of Ksani to the south, the erection of Sariistovo and its abolition. A list of the persons found in the census of 1804 is given, with some erroneous surnames being specified, showing the lands owned by the people who were taxed, and what the taxes were. Landlords and churchmen were seperate who paid different taxes.

Also in the work, according to the relevant sources, the origin of the surnames of the inhabitants is mentioned, observation shows that a large part of the population is settled in the modern Akhalgori municipality.

Finally is information about the current demographic situation in the village.