From the Fereydany Toponymy - I Names of the Villages of Fereydani


  • Lia Bakuradze
  • Marina Beridze


Dialectology, Toponymy, Language Island


It is well known that migrants begin to name their place of residence in a new geographical area. New settlers try to “rebuild” their native environment (at least only linguistically) and start by naming the places: they create new names for places that are not named or are unfamiliar to them, or create parallel versions of existing foreign names in their native language. The Fereydanian toponyms have also emerged from the classical principle inherent to a dialect island. Along with the names of places created by Georgians, there are official, administrative names that they actually do not use in conversation. Various layers of Georgian toponymic material appear in the region (toponyms, a production model and so forth are duplicated.). As it turns out that contacts with the historical homeland also influenced the dynamics of the formation of toponymic inventory.