For the History of the Cave of Shiomgvime’s Monastery Typicon


  • Salome Zviadadze


Shiomgvime, Typicon, Hymn, Sunday, Night, Morning, Fasting, Zatiki


The book of the Shiomgvime monastery typicon belongs to the beginning of XII century and it is the most important and valuable document. It is version of Saba Gantsmendili’s books of typicon from Palestine (Black Mount) which was translated by ArsenIkaltoeli and was published and used as a guide book by David the Builder in new monastery named after Saint Maria.

This typicon by Shio Mgvime was spread all over Georgia but this book was not able to abolish already used one by Giorgi Mtatsmindeli (which was used until XIV-XV centuries) and the ruins of this book still remains in the book we discuss.

The original version of Shio Mgvime’s of monastery typicon was not kept. We have 18 hand writing and the oldest one so called “Shio Mgvime’s" typicon from XII century and we still have some fragments.





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