Toponym jgerilia // jgireliaand the Language of Christian Services and Early Middle Centuries in the West Georgia

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Igor Kekelia


In pre Christian and Christian period in East Black Sea , now days Abkhazia, on the reality of existence of Greece colonies and market, political, religion and business attitude between local population, language and especially the Greece Language had force on the local population speech. It is fact that first predictor Andrew the first and Simon from Canaan, in the west Georgia, in Egrisi and Abkhazia according A. Bakrdze, having the homily in Greece and at the same time they were trying to create written language on the base of local spoken language for the reason that to predict Christianity in local language was the priority for Christian ancestors.

In the sources we base it is fact that IV-IX centuries in Colkheti which was under Byzantium, church service in parallel of Byzantium was in local Kolch (Zan) language. It is not surprising that local clique was using the Greece language as a language of communication with Greece people. So the existence of meaningful terms in church services confirm above mentioned fact.

The confirmation of above mentioned fact is toponyms Jger ilia // jgerelia “saint Elia” as a geographical name of the valley and source in the village Sachikobave (Senaki municipality).

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Published: Jan 9, 2021

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