“farewell” in AleksandreKazbegi’s Poetry

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Dali Betkhoshvili


Problems raised in Aleksandre Kazbegi’s Poetry are the part of every day life of human being. His creative work is confirmation of the fact that the word in authors work comes from deep psychological and emotional feelings for the reason that humans’ pains covered under the name of the religion belongs to every day life and covered deep in personality and felt as problem.

Laeksandre Kazbegi in his creative works trying to show us characters of epoch, fiction as a specification of understanding the world, all of them need deep explanation. Aleksandre Kazbegi, as author, known not only his epos but also with his poetry and to look through his poetry make clear the fact that true idea _ in poetry we met pains based on epoch and spiritual pain of the author itself. His painful feeling directed to the nation, the God, native country and symbolically given with tears, moaning and pain.

In his wisdom we met all those problems which is running along our life just to solve during transient world and to join to the eternal life. In his poetry to many of spiritual pains, moaning and pain comes from human life process, for the mortal life, coming from the several wounds, coming form the love. Death is the balsam from painful life. All those problems looks like one common and general one. Emotional feeling and nature of characters are linked. All of the make system of thinking and the poetry in our research work are given not separately but as a one common thing.

On the bas of several poetries there is given true, health idea of the author through which he lived and enter eternal life and all of this made his creative work valuable and sustainable. 

Key words: Alkesandre Kazbegi, ‘farewell”, fate, pain, grave.

Alkesandre Kazbegi farewell fate pain grave
Published: Jan 9, 2021

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