Structural and Thematic Differences of Manuscripts Repositories and Peculiarities of Funds Protection

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Nino Megeneishvili
Shorena Tavadze


In the National Center of Manuscripts the funds are preserved in four repositories: repository of Georgian manuscripts, repository of historical documents and manuscripts in foreign languages, repository of personal archive funds of public figures and repository of photo-microfilms. Each of them is distinguished by thematic and structural diversity and differencies in their conservation, which is caused by the variety of texture of the protected funds.

Knowledge of all technical parameters and arrangement of funds is of great importance for preservation of sources. According to what texture is used for the manuscripts: papyrus, parchment, paper, what its form is: the manuscript book or a scroll, a photo or a microfilm,  is demanded special temperature, lighting, arrangement, selection of material for shelves and cases for preservation, observance of distance at international standards between the manuscripts and shelves, also between the shelves and the floor. For conservation of manuscripts it is necessary to take into consideration temperature, humidity, trajectory of manuscripts bent, regime of lighting at internationally accepted standards duing the exchibitions.

Many year long observation and rich expeience in the restoration laboratory of the National Center of Manuscripts and also the tradition estanblished in different archive funds worldwide has shown that it is desirable the manuscripts on paper, parchment, papyrus should be kept in separate blocks, photomaterial and microfilms should be arranged in separate blocks too. Each repository should have the so-called buffer zone and a separate room for work on damafed manuscripts. It is also desirable to observe specific arrangement between repositories and the reading hall because the difference in humidity and temperature in repository, corridor and reading hall should not cause structural change of the manuscripts.

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Published: Jan 9, 2021

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