For the Transformation of Symbol of the Cross and the Light According the Hymns of Transfiguration and Elevation of the Cross

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Ia Ghadua


Brief overview: all hymns dedicated to the Lord based on the Bible, especially on the Old Testament episodes and characters are the main resources of them. In spite the fact that those hymns have the same plot and the same base there are mostly very individual, they have individual form and the most important thing that they have the richest theological information which demands from the author knowledge based on the theological aspects and also creative nature. All symbols have meaningful explanation and help the reader to understand innovation feeling of theological events. The work of the authors of hymns considered as the continuing the work of prophet.

The light is not the only leading symbol in theology but it is also collection of the symbols and gave us the key to understand other symbols according them. The cross is the most holy thing in Christianity and it has too many preforms in old testament. Holy fathers indicating on the special spiritual meaning of the cross.

The most examples of transformation of the symbols of the cross and light we met in the hymns about these holy things.

aesthetics of the light the symbol of the cross text from hymnography theological resources
Published: Jan 9, 2021

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