Dynamic of the Socio – economical Changes in Georgian Village (According the Ethnographical Materials from Samtskhe-Javakheti)

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Mediko Burduli


Brief overview: the article is dedicated to the changes and problems raise in XX centuries villages in Samtskhe Javakheti. In Georgia the fundamental changes of forms of property as a base of socio-economical development – had great impact on human labor, social, cultural, economic, psycho -social communication (in XX century form of the property has been changed twice: in 20th private property and labor market communication has been changed by the state property and planned economy and at the end of the century the processes were changed vice versa).

In the article there is given the results we faced at 30th years of the previous century when the collective form of agriculture and violence against population damage the processes. At the end of the century agrarian reforms, the results given in the analyses, which was done without any preparation.

For Georgia, as it is the agrarian country, it is important how much developed agrarian country we would have. Georgian villages were highly damaged with cheap import products from villages and developed country status.

On the base of ethnographical materials, we try to identify the amin reasons why the developed countries agriculture was damaged in Meskheti and on the based of this research we pay attention how the social projects support population and their attitude the projects, we tried to study migration processes from the villages.

Collected ethnographical materials gave the information and the fact that the reform and management style instead of benefit destroyed the policy of development. The economical level of the people in village getting low and lowest and infrastructure was destroying. Raise unemployment and demography was the main problem.

We have to pay attention to the opinion of the population from these villages and the opinion they share with us how to solve the problem: they think that the rule of social packages already settled I the villages must be change immediately because it is the one reason of destroying agriculture. They think to find alternative ways of agriculture development in the villages.

The main part of the village in Samtskhe-Javakheti are upper part ones and in spite of the fact, in the article we discuss the traditional “mountain legislation” rule for development od demographical problems and social packages are more effective. 

village collective reform demography social packages cattle vinery mountain legislation
Published: Jan 9, 2021

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Historiography, Ethnology