Lexical Repetition in the Hypotactic Constructions of Kartvelian Languages


  • Ramaz Kurdadze Ivane JavakhishviliTbilisi State University
  • Maia Lomia Ivane JavakhishviliTbilisi State University
  • Nino Tchumburidze Ivane JavakhishviliTbilisi State University
  • Ketevan Margiani Ivane JavakhishviliTbilisi State University


Lexical Repetition, Hypotactic construction, Subordinate conjunction.


In the Georgian folk literature, repetition has a profound psychological basis. The paper focuses
on lexical repetition in hypotactic constructions. Stylistically used lexical repetition forms a kind
of hypotactic construction which becomes more comprehensible based on the preceding context.
Research of the functional styles of oral folklore and written literary texts is topical. The
methods used are as follows: statistical, historical-comparative and distributional (syntagmatic
and paradigmatic). Such attitude reveals diverse linguistic capacity of structuring (shaping and
transfer) of information. The research outcomes will be of interest for linguists, specialists in the
theory of literature, professionals working in other related fields as well as students.



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Kurdadze, R., Lomia, M., Tchumburidze, N., & Margiani, K. (2022). Lexical Repetition in the Hypotactic Constructions of Kartvelian Languages. International Journal of Multilingual Education, (21), 1–9. Retrieved from https://multilingualeducation.openjournals.ge/index.php/ijml/article/view/6543