Issues on Teaching Area Studies in Georgia


  • Elisabed Machitidze Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
  • Guranda Chelidze Caucasus University


Georgia, regional studies, globalization, cross-cultural studies, interdisciplinary, teaching.


Today, influence of globalization can be apparently seen in the spheres of politics, economics, culture and education. The countries are not able to isolate from one another anymore. Globalization influences social systems, institutes, communication sphere and this clearly shows that this process impacts the higher education as well. Changes in teaching of different discipline were put on agenda.

Collapse of the Soviet Union, gaining of independence by Georgia, geopolitical position of Georgia, diplomatic contacts made, all these have increased the role of Georgia as an independent actor on international arena. Since that time, Georgia gradually became part of the global processes. Thus, in the 21st century, against the background of globalization and dialogue of civilizations, Georgia faced new challenges. The country has to take its position in the contemporary world. Today, implementation of the proper policies would determine our prospects, both, in short and long run. Goal of the research is to investigate the issue of education of the proper professionals against the background of such challenges.

Today, regarding its political, economic and cultural relationships, Georgia increasingly needs highly qualified professionals in the spheres of regional studies and area studies. Mostly we imply gaining of wide knowledge about the European and oriental countries and generalization of this knowledge in the process of inter-country relationships development. Today we regard that due consideration of the experience of foreign countries is of great significance to adjust modernization and globalization to the historical and cultural traditions of our country.

In this respect, it is important to study history and current situation of the Europe and Near East, Georgia has great traditions of this. As for the Europe, together with teaching Western European languages, it is desirable to develop teaching of European studies in interdisciplinary context, as this responds to the globalization challenges. Georgia’s active participation in Bologna Process, internationalization of education processes provide good opportunities, with respect of improvement of teaching of cross-cultural studies, though together with education, expansion of scientific researches, conducting of interdisciplinary studies is of significance as this would allow introduction of the new approaches, provide opportunity of training of the highly qualified and competitive professionals. In addition, teaching of cross-cultural studies should become more pragmatic to ensure its contribution to the state building.



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