Intonation of Interrogative Sentences in Zan (Megrelian-Laz) Language


  • Eter Shengelia TSU Arnold Chikobava Institute of Linguistics
  • Natia Poniava TSU Arnold Chikobava Institute of Linguistics


intonation, stress, interrogative sentence, Zan (Megrelian-Laz) Language


In the article, we discuss the intonation of interrogative sentences in Zan. Studying this topic has great importance not only with respect to a linguistic standpoint, but also with reference to teaching the Megrelian-Laz language. Empirical materials have been obtained from respondents of different age, sex and social status and analyzed by using Praat. In Megrelian-Laz like other many languages we have wh-questions, yes/no-questions, tag questions and echo-questions. The material analysis has shown that Megrelian-Laz interrogative sentences have the stress on the wh-word or on the verb; Sometimes non-question word is stressed and has rising intonation as well; negative and positive question tags have rising intonation contour as well as echo questions on the interrogative particle. In Laz spread in Georgia interrogative sentences formed without suffix -i and a question is expressed by the rising intonation at the end.



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