Textbook Analysis of the Primary Education in Georgia from Gender Perspective


  • Natia Gorgadze Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


primary education, textbooks, gender socialization, gender stereotypes and bias


For many reasons textbooks are almost the only resource used for school education in Georgia. Consequently those materials which are developed for the school students have great importance not only for learning of the particular subject but for the formation of the world perception of the child through education. While primary education is the decisive period for students cognitive formation an influence of the textbooks in their gender socialisation is particularly significant. This paper explores the textbooks of all subjects taught in primary education stage in Georgia and analyses it from the gender perspective. The textbook analysis shows while based on neutral education policy towards the gender sensitiveness, gender stereotypes and bias is reinforced through the key educational resource. The analysis shows an imminent need for reforming of textbook approval role and instructions and development of gender sensitive textbook material which is based on clear understanding of benefits of gender equality.



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