• Liudmyla Glukhova Oles Honchar Dnipro National University


educational management, educational discourse, translation transformation, source language, target language.


The article deals with peculiarities of translation transformations in modern multilingual educational discourse on the material of four languages: German, English, Russian and Ukrainian. Theoretical part of the research deals with definition of such notions as educational management, educational discourse, translation transformations and their types. As any other branches of modern human activity, educational management undergoes the process of globalization, which means that it interacts with educational and intellectual elements all around the world. These processes take place in multilingual and multicultural surroundings that in its turn might make it difficult to refer to the meanings of some notions in different languages, and educational terms are not an exception here. That is why it is essential to explore the ways how one and the same linguistic meaning is transferred in different languages and to find out translation techniques that facilitate the perception of educational management terms and notions in multilingual surroundings. For conducting the research, different general scientific (methods of induction and deduction, methods of analysis and synthesis, a comparative method, a descriptive method) and specific (method of the analysis of dictionary definitions, methods of contextual analysis) methods have been used. We come to the conclusion that some types of translation transformations, in particular transcription, transliteration, calquing and explication of meaning are widely used in modern multilingual educational discourse. The choice of a particular translation transformation depends in intralinguistic peculiarities of the analyzed languages, and the major difference in using a translation transformation technique can be explained by the peculiarities of technical translation connected with the synthetic nature of the Slavic languages.



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