For the Definition of the Term _ Education System _ in Post Soviet Countries


  • Zaqaria Qitiashvili Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


Education System, Teaching, Structure, Education


The aim of the article is to define semantic and structural characteristics of the term _ education system _ on the basis of the analysis of regulatory documentation of education in the Post Soviet countries (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russian Federation). The author presents his views of definition and education system and tries to determine and define them. In order to properly perceive education system, essential elements of the terminological base of educational sciences _ education and system _ are defined and the author tries to fit them into the context of educational system as a whole. The author presents an ordered discussion concerning the essential characteristics of the educational system in the Post Soviet countries and draws conclusions. At the end of the article, it is noted that the essence and definition of education system varies all over the world, which is completely natural, as this difference depends on what is the fundamental principle of understanding the education system _ all the organizations and characteristics that define the education system or the unity of educational and training institutions. The author argues, that the concept of education system should necessarily involve the unity of teaching and training institutions, as far as the system should be self-generating and be able to create something characteristically new, which none of the bodies that conduct educational policy are capable of. Accordingly, exactly the above mentioned way represents a more optimal, logical foundation principle.



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