The Effective Provision of Preschool Bilingual Education (On the example of Greece)


  • Teona Beridze Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


bilingualism, bilingual education at preschool-age, role of teachers in learning foreign language, modern teaching methods in kindergartens.


The present article: ″The Effective Provision of Preschool Bilingual Education (on the example of Greece)″ aims to study and analyse the problem of bilingualism, bilingual education at pre-school age, bilingual memory and the relationship between first and second languages in this context, innovative methods of teaching a second language and psychological factors influencing a child. Some main factors that influence success in second language acquisition: integration, motivation, instrumental motivation, language skills self-esteem and child's nursery self-concept. The interest of the given research contains: the observation on kindergartens pupils in the city of Athens and Attica region. One of the core objectives of the research is to determine amount of bilingual children in the kindergartens every year, the teachers’ and pupils’ role in learning foreign language. The article focuses on the questions regarding the use and development of language of bilingual children in a kindergarten, aims at studying psychology related to bilingual children, using different approaches of modern methods, creating an effective teaching plan intended to meet learning outcomes relying on good results at the end of the year, making parents aware of children's problems, arranging frequent contacts between parents and teachers, exchanging of the ideas as well. We have conducted extensive research and interviews among teachers in kindergartens. According to the interviews we found out that, kindergartens are quite highly developed and among twenty three interviewed teachers we can say that they are sufficiently qualified and adequately prepared  in  order  to  give all bilingual  children  opportunities  for  a  good  quality education relating to learning the Greek language easily. Bilingual education can completely promote positive attitudes to a child. Developing learning skills of two languages simultaneously is important in the child's daily experiences.



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