is an open access multidisciplinary publishing platform for Georgian academic journals. The platform is an ongoing project founded and developed by the Georgian Integrated Library Information System Consortium in partnership with TSU National Science Library of Georgia and with financial aid from international organization EIFL.

Our platform was created with the idea in mind to make Georgian science visible and accessible and to help Georgian institutions and scientists with the transition from printed to digital publishing. The platform was designed to meet the needs of editors, writers, readers and publishers in modern online publishing. We are committed to become the largest publishing platform of open access academic journals in Georgia. is part of a bigger open access project by the Georgian Integrated Library Information System Consortium together with (digital repository of academic works by georgian scientists) and (digital repository of non-scientific works).

Our platform is based on the Open Journal Systems. OJS is a software application which was developed in 2001 by Public Knowledge Project and is specifically used for scholarly publishing. OJS is the most widely used open source journal publishing platform in existence, with over 25,000 journals using it worldwide.