About the Journal


"Intellect" is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal. The journal is referenced in the Georgian abstract journal of Georgian Techinform. "Intellect" has been published since 1997 by the Science and Society Development Foundation of Georgia "Intellect".

The journal is distributed to almost all libraries of Georgian state higher education institutions and research institutions, the library of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, the National Library, Techinform, etc.

The journal is distributed internationally. It is sent to educational and scientific institutions and libraries in more than 30 countries; National Library of Russia (St. Petersburg), Scientific Information Library of the Russian (Moscow) Academy of Sciences, Libraries of Britain and London, American Institute for Social Research (New York), University of California, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), International Union of Technical Associations and Organizations (UATI, Paris), Germany, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, etc. Submission of relevant material in peer-reviewed journals and international catalogs in scientific research and educational institutions where the journal is processed.