Instructional leadership and supervision of the school, Its connection with teacher professional development


  • Irine Gogiberidze Kutaisi Akaki Tsereteli State University


The professional development of the teacher recently has been paid special attention, on which depends the social status of the teacher and her material compensation. There are different kinds of views about which factors influence the professional development of school teachers.The presented work is a presentation of our research Which reflects the results of our experiment.We have discussed on the role of the principal as an institutional leader and supervisor in the teacher's professionalactivities and strategies for improving teaching are selected in detail: learning models, professional development and renewal. The focus is made on teacher development and teacher competencies, technical, internal, personal and critical types. We have considerate about the essence of the supervision, its purpose and the necessary component-evaluation. The focus is on quality control, professional development and teacher motivation. Conclusion: How Teacher Development Affects School Performance.





Education Science