Work on a fiction text in grades V-VI


  • Tamar Gvinianidze Kutaisi Akaki Tsereteli State University


In accordance with modern methodology of teaching and learning, 5th and 6th grade coursebooks in Georgian literature are constructed applying the thematic and genre-based principle, which determines the character, aim and content of the literary work and incorporates the skills of expressive reading, logical, content and lexical analysis of the text, cause and effect development of a story, environment that determines the character and behavior of protagonists, and the techniques and strategies used by the writer. A simple plan of the content is developed, the story of the main character is retold, some aspects of literary theory are discussed, the content is reproduced, written assignments are completed. The study of a text is a unified step-by-step process including several activities. Question and answer sequences i.e. dialogues assess how well pupils understand a text. A controversial topic is selected and a discussion is held.





Education Science