Vol. 41 (2021): Literary Researches
XIX Century: Epoch and Literature

Reflection of Alexander Kazbegi’s Biography in “Khevisberi Gocha”

Published 2021-12-20


  • Kazbegi,
  • Archive,
  • Biography,
  • “Khevisberi Gocha”

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When we speak about A.Kazbegi’s cliterary works, Giorgi Leonidze’s statement comes to mind: the writer’s personal life forms the basis for his literary works. These words apply to Alexander Kazbegi more than to any other writer. It was his tragic life that left an imprint on his own writings, in which Khevisberi Gocha occupies special place according to his literary character, psychological depth, legal norms, the interrelationship of old and modern literary issues and many other themes. It was in Khevisberi Gocha that the writer introduced most of the details of his personal life.

The main female character of the novel is called Dzidzia, the name of Kazbegi’s first love, one of the most beautiful girls living in the village of Garbani, Dzidzia Kukishvili. The description of her appearance exactly coincides with the description of both Dzidzia Kukishvili and the writer’s second beloved one, Countess Chernyshova-Kruglova, which is recorded in a letter, sent to his mother from Moscow.

The research confirms that the protagonist of Khevisberi Gocha, Onise is the author’s alter ego. Onise is the son of Khevisberi, he suffers a failure in love, after which, like the author of the novel he fled to the mountains to graze sheep flocks, etc. According to biographical documents, both the writer and main characters of the novel share common moral values...