Vol. 41 (2021): Literary Researches
Literary Meridians

Change of Paradigm and new Fantastic Fiction (“Invention of Morel” by Adolfo Bioy Casares)

Published 2021-12-20


  • Fantastic Fiction,
  • Postmodernism,
  • Reality,
  • Inner Articulation

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Famous novel ,,Invention of Morel’’ by Adolfo Bioy Casares published in 1940 marked new tendencies for fantastic fiction and drafted new agenda for further development of the genre in the second part of 20-th century.

The novelty of the ,,Invention of Morel’’, as Jorge Luis Borges mentions in the prologue of the book, consists in overpassing traditional mimetic representation of reality proposing intellectual speculations in its place. Narrative strategy is based on limiting references with reality and substituting it with inner articulation. Classic plot is replaced by rhizomic dynamics of thinking process. Reader can witness himself how the plot is constantly being created from perceptions of main character.

New cultural paradigm and technological shift required overthinking of time-space concept. Metaphysical ideas inspired by changing reality of the epoch becomes the subject of philosophical rationalization. Exceptional attention is given to relation of original to its copy.

Activation of postmodern concept of mirror is a sign of the death of mimetic literature and birth of intertextuality. However, tool of intertextuality is widely characteristic for the novel.

Together with philosophical themes author approaches a motif of love. The concept of love is analyzed in the prism of real-virtual opposition. Emotions of main hero – fear, suffering, loneliness are assembled around love theme, this way the main character becomes emotionally closer to the reader and is not left solely in the world of ideas.