Vol. 41 (2021): Literary Researches
Archive Materials

Levan Gotua’s Case in KGB Archives

Published 2021-12-20


  • Levan Gotua,
  • KGB Archives,
  • Political Repressions

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ნემსაძე ა. (2021). Levan Gotua’s Case in KGB Archives. Literary Researches, 41, 227–245. Retrieved from https://openjournals.ge/index.php/literaryresearches/article/view/3376



Bolshevik repressions in the first half of 20th century harmed numerous Georgian writers and cultural figures, including Levan Gotua. He was 15 when he was arrested for the first time and all his future life the Soviet repressive system kept persecuting him. He was convicted and spent many years in so called labor-correction camps. He was rehabilitated later, in 1960, due to
the lack of proof of guilt and returned to homeland, but he was restricted to live in Tbilisi, so he settled in Armazi and spent the rest of his life there.

Levan Gotua’s criminal case, kept in the Archive Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia now, is not complete; large part of it has been destroyed or has been lost. This paper includes all the existing materials, which are fully published for the first time.